Truly Beautiful Nail Extensions – Fort Worth, Texas

At Hollywood Nails and Spa, our licensed nail technicians are highly trained, extremely courteous and professional, and always happy to listen to and accommodate your requests.  As part of our comprehensive range of nail services, we are pleased to offer residents of the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas region nail extensions of the most surpassing quality.  Nail extensions literally extend your natural nails through the application of gel, gel overlay, acrylic, color powder, or glitter powder.  The result will be nails that appear elegant, refined, and completely natural.

We at Hollywood Nails and Spa recommend that you schedule regular appointments to maintain your nail extensions so that they do not lift or crack.  When nail extensions lift, crack, or grow out without maintenance, moisture, dirt, and water can become trapped under the nails, and fungus can begin to grow.  Therefore, it is important that you refill your nail extensions at our Fort Worth nail and spa center every two to three weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow.  Please inform Hollywood’s staff if you’re allergic to particular chemicals as we have non-acidic liquids and other natural products to fulfill your needs.

For more comprehensive treatment of your hands, we invite you to schedule a manicure to complement your beautiful new nails.  To learn more about how you can benefit from nail extensions, contact our Fort Worth day spa, serving Dallas, and surrounding Texas communities, today.  We would be pleased to have the opportunity to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Our spa offers a built in ventilation system to remove vapors and odors from nail extension services.

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Hollywood Nails and Spa’s Nail Extension Menu

  • Regular Acrylic New Set
  • Regular Acrylic Fill
  • Regular Gel Powder Fill
  • Solar or Gel Two Color Full Set (Pink and White)
  • Solar or Gel Two Color Fill (Pink and White)
  • Design Tips with Acrylic New Set
  • Design Tips with Gel Powder New Set
  • Color / Glitter Powder with Acrylic New Set
  • Color / Glitter Powder with Gel Powder New Set
  • Back-fill Color / Glitter Powder
  • Two Color / Glitter Powder New Set
  • $29
  • $20
  • $25
  • $45
  • $35
  • $35+
  • $40+
  • $40+
  • $45+
  • $35+
  • $55+

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Enhancements for Nail Extensions at Our Fort Worth Day Spa

  • Nail Repair – Acrylic
  • Nail Repair – Gel Powder
  • Gel Glass Top Coat
  • Take Off
  • Nail Art (1)
  • Nail Art (2)
  • Nail Art (10)
  • $3/each
  • $5/each
  • $5
  • $10
  • add $3
  • add $5
  • add $15

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To learn more about our world-class nail extensions, Fort Worth, Dallas, and other Texas residents can contact Hollywood Nails and Spa by filling out and submitting the form below.


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